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Why Is Facebook Advertising So Important

Facebook has become central to many people’s daily lives, and so too it’s become an important advertising vehicle. No matter a company’s size or a brand’s reach, Facebook advertising has the potential to drive business like nothing else, especially when considering how effective even a small campaign can be when managed well.

But that is the key, managing a campaign well. and for many it can seem overwhelming. For small businesses it can be one more thing added to a never ending to-do list, but even for companies large enough to have a dedicated marketing team, the lack of expertise in the specifics of Facebook marketing can cause major mis-steps that lead to campaigns that fail to maximize results.

How Does Voy Media Help With Facebook Advertising

Voy Media stands apart from other agencies by its reliance on data. What marketing teams often lack is the ability to make the right decisions and properly evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns. The specific expertise of Voy Media includes:

  • Custom Target Audiences: Key to the success of Facebook advertising is the ability to target your audience. Voy Media offers custom audiences.
  • A/B Testing: This is a critical tool to maximizing results. By employing A/B testing in just the right way, you can optimize the results of any campaign and know your ad dollars are being put to good use.
  • Optimization and Scaling AI Software: Scaling is complex, but there is nothing like Facebook advertising to take a brand to the next level. Voy Media offers AI software that has been built in-house to maximize results for their clients.
  • Facebook Conversion Funnel Design: A huge part of converting to sales is designing an effective conversion funnel. Voy Media has the expertise to design one that is specific to maximizing results on Facebook.

Voy Media Goes Deeper with Facebook Advertising

They understand the critical importance of this social network with 1 billion users who spend 7 hours per month on the site on average. Voy Media truly delivers on Facebook advertising because they are able to offer the following:

  • Daily Reports: With customized daily reports you’ll always know exactly how much revenue your Facebook ads are generating.
  • Facebook Retargeting: This is one of the most effective ways to maximize conversions: targeting past visitors who didn’t convert with ads that appear directly in their newsfeed.
  • Split Test Advertisements: Voy Media implements A/B testing on headlines, descriptions and images, making certain that it creates the ideal product every time, the one that gets the best results.
  • Advanced Targeting: Voy Media understands the nuances of Facebook targeting. It is able to import an email list and target down to the individual level, or create a ‘lookalike’ list to expand what you have.

About Voy Media

Founded by Kevin Urrutia and Wilson Lin, the duo still helm the company, handling clients directly. Primarily the company is a full service Facebook and Instagram advertising agency, but it handles quite a bit more than that, also offering services such as ecommerce ads, mobile advertising and consulting. They are experts in retargeting and have the expertise to run highly successful campaigns on everything from Pinterest to Snapchat to Google AdWords. Additionally, they are truly full service, with their services including creative aspects like copywriting and design. Let’s take a closer look at some of their services:

Instagram Advertising

With over 500 million users, this should not be a mere afterthought to Facebook. Voy Media can help with the following aspects of creating visual content best suited for Instagram:

  • Image Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads

Retargeting Advertising

Voy Media goes beyond Google in creating retargeted advertising campaigns. By targeting this audience that has previously expressed interest, but failed to convert, you achieve a higher ROI on advertising. Voy Media’s retargeting offers the range of services including:

  • Competitor Research
  • Creative Production
  • Bid Management
  • Daily Optimization
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Tag Set-Up Tracking
  • Facebook Retargeting
  • Search Retargeting

By going after retargeting advertising from every direction, Voy Media is able to maximize the ROI of this method. Additionally, Voy Media offers to produce the creatives in-house. One less thing to have to worry about.

True Optimization of Data

Facebook not only sends information out, it’s constantly collecting data, and Voy Media uses that to optimize targeting abilities. Facebook allows an audience to be viewed based on various criteria, including:

  • Gender
  • Job
  • Education
  • Relationships

and much more. In addition to analyzing users by demographics, Facebook can also target users by geography and likes, opening up a variety of opportunities to target potential leads. By running campaigns and then constantly collecting data on the results, Voy Media is able to find the campaign that will best maximize the results of ad dollars.

Consulting Services

Voy Media also uses its expertise to offer consulting services on existing advertising campaigns. These will begin with an audit and then a scaling process will be created through action plans, creative strategy and media buying tactics. This will create a strategic overview and Voy Media leaves clients with a testing framework to put in place as well as unlimited access to follow-up questions.

The Purpose of Facebook Advertising

But despite these additional services, it’s important to remember how critical advertising for Facebook can be on its own, as it can serve to further a brand’s goals in a wide variety of ways:

  1. Raise brand awareness: by targeting people who may be interested in your brand.
  2. Increase reach: achieve maximum reach with Facebook.
  3. Increase traffic: from your website to the Facebook page itself, Facebook ads can increase traffic where you most want to see it.
  4. Increase Engagement: From likes to comments, Facebook ads can be an integral part of increasing engagement and creating an online community.
  5. Increase App Downloads: If this is your goal, then Facebook advertising is a powerful tool.
  6. Increase Video Views: Aiming to see an ad campaign go viral? It needs Facebook to get there.
  7. Promote Lead Generation: Gain prospects directly from lead capture forms.
  8. eCommerce Sales: Maximize catalog sales, by showing specific items to targeted individuals.
  9. Increase Visitors: Use geographical data to target nearby people to visit in-person businesses.
  10. Messaging: Make use of the messenger app to target prospects and drive sales.
  11. Increase Conversion Rate: Use retargeting to go after those most likely to convert on the website or app.

Clients That Voy Media Has Worked With

Voy Media has worked with 320 clients, and they have an impressive 96% client retention rate. Some of the big name clients that they’ve worked with before include Casper, UMG Gaming, Zumba and Paw.Com.

That last one, Paw.com, saw a scale to $100,000 ad spend the following month, with a 3.3 times return on the ad spend. How was Voy Media able to achieve these results? By custom tailoring a Facebook conversion funnel for the products that sold best previously, and matching with similarly tailored design, Voy Media was able to get Paw.com immediate and noticeable results.

The Type of Client That Benefits from Working with Voy Media

It’s those results that best sum up the kind of client who will most benefit from working with Voy Media: one’s who want to see real results fast. Real results mean a measurable ROI, and because Voy Media operates based on data, that is what they deliver.

Because Voy Media offers a full service Facebook ad agency they do attract a wide range of clients, and can work well with both small clients and ones running million dollar ad campaigns.

Voy Media’s Pricing

Voy Media bases their prices on the ad spend of a particular company. Based on the amount spent, the campaign will be assigned a level, and that determines the level of service, but all pricing levels include full service Facebook and Instagram advertising along with free account set-up. Additionally they all include:

  • Network retargeting for Facebook and audience
  • One-on-one strategy consultation
  • Return on ad spend tracking
  • Real time analytics
  • Email, Skype and phone contact
  • Dedicated account manager

The dedicated account manager is upgraded to an account strategist, and there is also a creative designer assigned to the account in the case of the Enterprise Plan. Additionally, that plan has a personal phone line and on demand reporting.

Reviews of Voy Media

If you’re considering Voy Media for your Facebook advertising needs, it’s important to find other users opinions. There are many reviews online, and they are overwhelmingly popular. Here are a sampling of some of the many positive reviews:

Patrick A. concludes his review on Yelp with, “Right now my website reached the magical figure, both conversion and traffic. I am super happy and I would like to thank entire team who worked for this project. Thank you so much!”

Alicia W. favorably compares them to the competition, “They were also able to get us a 22% higher ROI on our ad spend from our previous agency.”

So does Allie A., ” Before working with Voy Media and working with a more expensive agency for over eight months, we have almost tripled conversions in less than a month span. The whole teams effort and designs have been outstanding.”

Bobby Perez describes his choice to work with Voy Media to Google Reviews as his “best decision ever! They are upgraded to all the latest developments and ready to help you out with practical projects. As a client, I am satisfied with their strategies and execution.”

Andrew M. North highly recommends the services, “Fast delivery, responsive customer service, high-quality app. I don’t have anything else to add, it’s just an overall great service. 10/10 would recommend.”

Zachary Sanders wishes he’d hired Voy Media sooner when he considers the price in context, “I struggled for a while, trying to do some things on my own to save money. I wish I had hired them earlier; they are great at their job and they don’t charge you a fortune for it.”

Other Specializations of Voy Media

Voy Media offers the full package in online advertising because of the creative services it offers. The creative side can create video that converts. They have experience working with influencers. From video production to animation to editing, their expertise extends to every aspect of social media marketing.

Many find the company’s product photography invaluable. Having high quality images is an important way to drive ecommerce sales, and Voy Media offers this service in-house.

Why Is It Important to Hire a Facebook Advertising Agency

An agency like Voy Media that is set up to market specifically using the power of Facebook and similar platforms can take your brand places it has never gone before, allowing you to scale up and achieve goals faster. Experienced social media advertisers use their expertise to design custom strategies that will help your business specifically to prosper and grow.

A good Facebook ad agency won’t rely solely on expertise to guide ad campaigns, but like Voy Media will use big data and split testing to drive the decisions that power a campaign to be its very best. An agency should always keep you informed of how your campaign is doing, with pixels providing a complete picture of the conversion rate.

Advertising on Facebook is a multi-billion dollar business, but 40% of business owners don’t see any major gains from their efforts. Making certain that ads get seen take specific skills and the know-how to achieve certain tasks.

Voy Media creates a full service agency by creating ads from start to finish including:

  • Ad Discovery: Developing a campaign custom built around your brand.
  • Ad Development: From copy to design, every decision matters.
  • Ad Optimization: From the moment ads begin running, the tracking begins. By running multiple campaigns from the start an ad agency will see what works and instantly adjust accordingly, always collecting relevant data.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Key to success in any campaign is collecting data and using it wisely.

A dedicated Facebook ad agency like Voy Media gives you professional service on every level with every aspect of your Facebook advertising needs.